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Published March 16th 2023

The Rebirth

A complex treasure hunt into a secret path of history, philosophy, and . . . danger. The Rebirth is VP’s first novel.


A traumatized father seeks justice for his son’s death.

A fallen man seeks atonement for past mistakes before his end.

A perilous path hides all the answers . . .

It’s been ten years since Jason and Mark last saw each other when a murder brings them together one night. Trapped in Chicago now, they must follow a secret path in the city by analyzing the works of some of the greatest minds in history to reveal the darkest scandal of all time. But each minute, their chasers are closing in, and haunting memories are coming to the surface, reminding them of the shadiest aspects of the human soul. And . . . soon, their last hope to alter the fate of the world seems to fade away . . .

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Woman: A Collection of Short Stories

An anthology that dives into the compelling woman’s world, exploring five different lives that are hanging in the midst of suffering and love. Woman is V.P.’s debut book.




Five letters, each one leads to the steps of another woman. Stories from places where women must follow bloody traditions, struggling to get educated and dreaming of a normal life, but also places where their happiness is vulnerable, like an illusion ready to shatter in an instant.

Five letters that explore their constant fighting against injustice, pain, and suffering, but, most of all, their unstoppable thirst for hope, love, and . . . rights.

Five letters, otherwise so different from each other, but as they’re standing side by side, they’re forming the word that reflects the same strength.

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Published February 14th 2019

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